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Draw together in a virtual space and share out what you’ve been working on. Students may lead a drawing session with drawing tutorials or challenges.

La Clase Mágica

Sharing some of the activities we have been doing at LCM during the pandemic.

UC Site: La Clase Mágica
Youth Participants: LCM Students


Presentations could include discussions about traditions of youth from around the world. Students may present a tradition that they would like to introduce their peers to and lead an activity.

Native Land

We strive to map Indigenous lands in a way that changes, challenges, and improves the way people see the history of their countries and peoples. We hope to strengthen the spiritual bonds that people have with the land, its people, and its meaning.We strive to map Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages across the world in a way that goes beyond colonial ways of thinking in order to better represent how Indigenous people want to see themselves.We provide educational resources to correct the way that people speak about colonialism and indigeneity, and to encourage territory awareness in everyday speech and action.

Link: Native Land

Greenlight Presentation

Green Light

Our presentation is about our student activity club called Green Light - why we were founded, what we plan to do, what we are currently doing. Our club was founded in the spring semester of 2021 by Daniel Baik and three other founding members, Daniela Han, Kevin Lee, and Daniel Han. The purpose of our club is to try to save our environment by starting off with small steps within our school. We currently have an Instagram page where we post notifications for environmental events such as the Earth day and start Instagram challenges to save energy and so on. Our club aims to further improve our efforts by promoting donations for organizations such as Green Peace of Unicef and also hosting a poster competition in the near future.

UC Site: Lighthouse International School
Youth Participants: Kevin Lee (8th grade -- presenter), Daniel Han (7th grade -- presenter), Daniel Baik (9th grade -- ppt creator), Daniela Han (9th grade -- ppt creator)


Our presentation is about the activities we have done as an educational volunteering club. By using the advantage of an international school, we taught English to the elementary school students in our local community. We recently had a chance to tutor the children of North Korean refugees.

UC Site: Lighthouse International School
Youth Participants: Yewon Lee (11th grade), Kang Lee (10th grade)

Vol.7 Presentation


Come listen to fellow students share their awesome writing. Students may lead creative writing sessions or share out works they have already been developing.

The Hawks & The Sea: An Anthology of Student Writing

4th, 5th, and 6th grade students from Harding Elementary School created this anthology of writing about Santa Barbara's maritime community in 2020.

UC Site: Harding Elementary School
Youth Participants: Harding Students

My Favorite Writing

Esther, a 7th grade student, is sharing a video of herself sharing her favorite writing. She summarizes her favorite parts and adds additional explanations about why she likes this writing so much. Hope everyone enjoys Esther's speech and gets a chance to think about his/her personal opinions about the topic!

UC Site: Ligthhouse International School - Speech Club
Youth Participants: Esther Shim

Important Notice

Please do not include images of children in the presentations that you share unless your program has explicit permission to do so and/or you have explicit parental consent.Also, please consider using only first names instead of full names as well as blurred or back images of children instead of their faces. Protecting our participating youth is a priority and as such, we want to minimize any risks due to public exposure.



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